Drive return with PMC Analytics Cash Management

Cash Management

PMC Analytics Cash Management

PMC Analytics Cash Management is a complete online solution to help you:

  • Manage cash effectively through periods of liquidity stress
  • Produce accurate long-term cash forecasts
  • Optimise deployment of cash resources
  • Reduce foreign currency risk
  • Drive EBITDA
  • Full daily visibility and reporting of cash balances
  • Robust cash forecasting and stress-testing functionality
  • Advanced variance analysis to track daily performance against forecast
  • Visibility of entity-level and group-wide consolidated FX exposure
  • Automated importing of transaction data through direct links to global bank accounts
  • Automated tracking and reconciliation of intercompany cash flows

A suite of intuitive dashboards and reports provides full visibility of consolidated daily cash positions and future requirements.

PMCA Cash Management makes it quick and easy to carry out detailed actual-versus-forecast variance analysis, allowing you to continuously improve the accuracy of your cash forecasts.

Cash Management - Liquidity Screenshot

How it works

PMC Analytics Cash Management automates the time consuming and labour-intensive process of bank reporting and cash forecasting. It connects with your internal systems, your bank accounts and your people, automating the process of data collection and consolidation to give you daily reporting and analysis

It is setup and configured in around 2-3 weeks by our Treasury specialists who can operate remotely if required and with limited management distraction.

Case Study:  $5m Cash Release

A manufacturer of medical devices required assistance with their cash forecasting processes which were manual, inefficient and insufficient to enable reliable decision making. Implementing PMCA Cash Management enabled the company to release over $5m in excess cash, reduce costs and improve working capital management.

Case Study:  $10m Cash Savings; $5m Working Capital Improvements

A medical aesthetics business under Private Equity ownership implemented PMCA Cash Management to enable the rapid compilation of 13 week global cash forecasts for company and sponsor consumption. Implementing PMCA Cash Management enabled savings of over $10m in one quarter, a 40% reduction in cash forecasting FTE time and $5m in working capital improvements.

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