PMCA Cash Management
$10m cash savings in one quarter

$10m Cash Freed Up with PMCA Cash Management


A medical aesthetics business under Private Equity ownership implemented PMCA Cash Management to enable the rapid compilation of 13 week global cash forecasts for company and sponsor consumption. Implementing PMCA Cash Management enabled $10m cash freed up in one quarter, a 40% reduction in cash forecasting FTE time and $5m in working capital improvements.


As part of establishing our Treasury operations, the PMC team implemented their PMCA Cash Management technology solution to automate our cash positioning and forecasting processes, enabling us to effectively manage our liquidity through the challenges presented by the pandemic and have a solid structure to support our future growth aspirations

Chief Financial Officer



  • Existing ad-hoc reporting channels, templates and methods
  • Multiple bank systems required for overview of real-time actual data
  • Static reporting based on one excel view of total cash flow by country
  • Long lead items in data gathering and analysis impaired management’s ability to make quick decisions


  • Integrated technology and process to gather global operating unit forecasts on a weekly basis with minimal effort
  • Consolidated all bank data into one platform to give easy access to all transaction data
  • Implemented streamlined reporting by cash flow type, geography and business units to enable available cash and trend reporting
  • Implemented management reporting for the Sponsor level to enable borrowing and business decisioning over time


>$10m cash freed up in one quarter

40% reduction in FTE time with streamlined forecast process

Full global cash visibility with trusted single source of truth

$5m in other working capital improvements

Improved Sponsor decision making