Michael Murray

I joined PMC in 2024 as a Risk Management Consultant, I have 25+ years of derivative and hedging experience, with my most recent years at J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

AT J.P Morgan I oversaw the management and structuring of an excess of 32 billion USD equivalent notional in derivative portfolios across: rates, equities, credit, and currencies. I was responsible for client relationships in North America, Bermuda, Europe, and APAC. For many clients, the funding of these strategies was transactionally motivated which required a detailed understanding of a client’s total balance sheet, competitive environment/advantages as well as any regulatory constraints.

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My Experience

Joined PMC Treasury in 2024

2007 – 2023

Executive Director, Head of Derivative Portfolio Manager – J.P. Moran Asset Management, New York

2000 – 2007

President & Founder – Alpha Technologies Group, Chicago

1995 – 2000

Senior Vice President, Dwight Asset Management, Burlington