Treasury Systems Advice Industrial, UK

Client Brief

A growing UK-based industrial business was using a number of manual processes and spreadsheets to support its cash management and banking activities. As a result, treasury management was a time-consuming activity that put undue pressure on day-to-day operations. The client required an urgent review of these systems in order to see how it could make efficiencies.

PMC Solution
  • Perform an analysis of existing processes and procedures;
  • Deliver a report identifying improvement opportunities and options for automation;
  • Work with management to define systems requirements and select an appropriate treasury management system solution.
Results & Recommendations

The TMS that we helped the client to select was web-based, requiring no internal IT support and enabled the efficiency of the treasury function to be improved dramatically. The business gained the ability to forecast cash more accurately and therefore manage this more effectively, freeing operational resources to focus on other activities.