John Forster

Managing a private equity transaction will present a fair share of risks. One risk not worth taking is with the development of the Treasury function. With so many things to consider when creating a new Treasury Department, it’s important to work with someone who’s done this before.

I’ve played a big role in the implementation and ongoing successes of the Treasury function for three large multinational companies; I have extensive knowledge in managing Treasury operations, having held manager and director roles for 15 progressive years. I’ve consistently delivered best practices, a high level of automation, and highly effective internal controls. Treasury is a crucial cog in the wheel of any finance department. One of my biggest strengths is the ability to mesh with other departments of an organization.

Whether working with Legal, Human Resources, the Controller’s group, FPA Tax, etc., I know what it takes to extract the most value from Treasury and achieve optimal results.

My role at PMC has allowed me to roll up my sleeves and jump right into various projects. Whether working on a large or small assignment, I always strive to find permanent solutions backed by written policies and procedures.

My Experience

Joined PMC Treasury Panel in 2013


Freelance Consultant


Solution Consultant – FiREapps


Treasury Consultant –  SUNGARD


Managing Director, The Treasury Transformation Group