John Cook


I enjoy working with clients that are undergoing changes and have pressing issues that need to be addressed. My thirty years experience in corporate treasury have involved me in all manner of corporate treasury challenges – funding, managing foreign exchange and interest rate risks, developing policies etc – across industries as diverse as technology, real estate, construction and manufacturing.

My approach to unlocking the solution to client needs is to spend a little time with the company to understand both the business and the people, to challenge conventional wisdom, to take management on the journey and to stay with them until they have the resources, policies and procedures to confidently go forward.

In my spare time you will find me an armchair rugby enthusiast and staying active through a variety of pastimes particularly yachting.

My Experience

Joined PMC Treasury Panel in 2017

2013 – 2017

Interim posts – Freelance Consultant

2011 – 2013

Mouchel, Group Treasurer and Head of Taxation


Treasurer, Grainger plc.
Treasurer, Al-Futtaim Carillion LLC – Middle Eastern construction company
Group Treasurer, Morgan Cruicible Company, Misys plc., Camas plc.