Hazem Ben-Larbi

Hazem Ben-Larbi

As a PMC Consultant I aim to identify the optimal risk management strategy for our clients by performing in depth analysis of the debt structure, assess the level of exposure to financial market risk and determine the most effective risk management tool.

I support our clients by leading the implementation process, providing structure and stress-testing all the way through to execution.

Upon graduating with a master’s degree in Finance, I had formative experiences within the banking industry, in both structuring and sales roles.

I am passionate about football and music. I try to go as often as possible to see games, and I enjoy playing the drums. I also like to travel, Barcelona being my favourite city.

My Experience

Joined PMC in 2014


BNP Paribas – CIB (London)


BNP Paribas – CIB (Paris)


Société Générale – CIB (Paris)

2008 – 2012

ROUEN Business School (France) – Grande Ecole Program – Master’s Degree in Management